Our vision is to create a Collective Community where Not-for-Profits and small / med businesses can operate with world-leading efficiencies through a Collaborative Support Services model, utilising the specialist skills of those usually marginalised by the traditional job market.


Calmar Corps is a global collective of content, technical and multilingual specialist providers who collaborate on key commercial and charity projects. We are a Boutique Consultancy like no other.

Through smart technology, we make organisations operate like clockwork, deliver mobile, blended and engaging content, unlock innovation and champion long term capability.


We use S.M.A.R.T technology to enable not-for-profits, Start Ups and small / medium sized businesses to de-risk their operations, save time and money, optimise revenue & capture long term capability.

We provide accessible and subsidised training for those who wish to grow their technology and digital economy skills. We use the Sky High and Returnship Programs as a pathway for placement with a  business-in-need.