Calmar Corps is a global collective of content, technical and multilingual specialist providers who collaborate on key commercial and
charity projects. We are a Boutique Consultancy like no other.

Through smart technology, we make organisations operate like clockwork, deliver mobile, blended and engaging content, unlock innovation and champion long term capability.


The ‘Corps Consensus’ is the integral spirit that guides the way we do business.

We believe everything we do impacts the world we live in. Calmar Corps is dedicated to ensuring that wherever we do business, we will share our time and talents to elevate and inspire the communities around us.

Calmar Corps commit 10% of our monthly commercial fees to funding our not-for-profit sector partners, through 2 key programs:

The Calmar Karma Contributions
The Calmar Karma Courses

Everyone deserves to work in high performing  collaborative environments with like-minded professionals who are highly skilled, have integrity and purposefully nurture the communities around them.

Integrated PaaS for Start Ups, Small to Medium Sized Organisations
Online accredited courses in Leadership, Small Business Operations and Franchising
Certified World Manager® global platform architecture and custom programming
Custom Content Development, Digital and Branding Projects

Ethical Business Practices
Environmental Responsibility
Frugal Innovations
Digital & Technological Leadership


We operate under the ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) model. We have proven professionals who will manage their own time and space and work with whatever style that suits them to deliver project objectives.

Competence, courtesy and compassion are behaviours that define our Collective.
We are an RRsWhole Free Zone. You are guaranteed of working with genuinely lovely human beings — and we like to keep it that way!


Countries Serviced


Language Options


National and Global Awards


Each of our Collective Specialists must pass their relevant gruelling Functional Stress Tests. On average, only 10-15% of skilled applicants who attempt our Stress Tests pass first go.

It means that we have the pleasure of working with the top 15% of specialists in their field globally.

For our partners and members, it ensures that projects are delivered at world class quality, in record time.

World Manager® Certified

Calmar Corps is World Manager® Certified. The only certified partner with proven experience in rolling out multiple World Manager client-branded platforms across 75 countries, and in 28 languages.

Our services include Global Level custom platform architecture and Systems Configurations, as well as custom programming across all available Suites & Tools: Operations, HR, Communications, Training, Education and Scheduling.



We are justifiably proud of our collective achievements — it is indicative of the calibre of our output and the Calmar Corps mindset.
These are some of the Awards that our previous projects and collaborations have garnered.

Best Use of Technology

Australian HR Awards

Best Learning and Development Strategy

Australian HR Awards

Best Online Learning Program

LearnX Asia Pacific Impact Awards

Emerging Franchisor of the Year

Franchise Council of Australia

Employer of Choice

Australian HR Awards

Retailer of the Year

Australian Retailers Association


<p style="text-align: center;">Maria Calibo-Sales</p>

Maria Calibo-Sales

Founder and Chief Advisor

AKA ‘The General’ and ‘Mighty Mayhem’.
Instigates game-changing collaborations between Collective specialists and organisations-in-need.
A true technology and capability advocate, she keeps the Collective and our partners on their toes by pushing boundaries and operates based on Dr. Angelou’s wisdom: “Do your Best, until you know better. And when you Know Better, DO Better!”

<p style="text-align: center;">Kendall Sales</p>

Kendall Sales

Director and Senior Advisor

AKA ‘Mr. Do Right’. Oversees the Finance division and is senior advisor to our building and construction content projects. He spent 20 years in construction in the beautiful South of New Zealand, with 3 years in Japan specialising in Earthquake Compliant Housing Projects. Currently holds the enviable title:
“Explored all 7 Continents”, with Collective members in hot pursuit.

<p style="text-align: center;">Agfa Vecina</p>

Agfa Vecina

Project and Technical Leader

AKA ‘The Admiral’. The Collective’s AllRounder Whiz. There is no system, software or multimedia build that this WunderKid can’t whip over. Overseeing multiple projects like a seasoned Jedi Master, he keeps the Rebel base robust through his perfect mission records – on time, under budget and zero casualties. He speaks fluent meme and is a self-confessed history, science and video game nerd.

<p style="text-align: center;">Jed Castillo</p>

Jed Castillo

Multimedia Project Specialist

AKA ‘R2D2’. Our resident Pocket Rocket who can turn the drabbest of compliance content and transform it into a multimedia main event. Currently holds the records for both “Best Build” and “Best Time” in our gruelling Functional Stress Tests. She is fascinated by art, in all its forms, from motion graphics to traditional painting and our projects thrive from her multidisciplinary approach.

<p style="text-align: center;">Virginia Halfacree</p>

Virginia Halfacree

Not-for-Profit Programs Advisor

AKA ‘The Voiceover Vixen’, who lends her dulcet tones to our Not-for-Profit online content development work and her sparkling presence at sponsored NFP workshops and events. Her pragmatic wise counsel and inclusive style ensures that even the most challenging projects are completed with vigour,
world-changing outcomes and genuine goodwill between collaborators.


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